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June 3rd, 2014 | by Joshua Archer |

Ryan Harmon – Social Collaboration

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  2. By Anemari Milford on Jun 5, 2014 | Reply

    Yammer looks like a great tool for group work
    from what I saw, but it looked like an advertisement than a tutorial. There was nothing to try out but a video for yammer.

  3. By Paul Bronson on Jun 8, 2014 | Reply

    1. Were you able to successfully complete the tutorial? What issues or challenges did you face?
    I was able to complete the tutorial successfully; there were no significant issues to completing the tutorial.

    2. Summarize what you learned from the tutorial.
    I learned the key characteristics of social networking in the context of business. I learned specifically about one tool called Yammer, which is owned by Microsoft and is now part of the Microsoft Office Division.

    3. Did you find the tutorial useful and helpful? Why or why not?
    I found it useful. I enjoyed considering the subject.

    4. What did you like most about the tutorial? (Be specific.)
    This was a new subject for me. Back in the 1990s, when I worked for Group Health Cooperative, we used enterprise software for network collaboration called Novell GroupWise. GroupWise had shared folders, messaging, conferencing, and project tracking. The idea of providing collaborative tools is not new. I always considered that Microsoft was trying to create a collaborative tool with the office suite with the Outlook features, but they never seemed to get the products unified. Now they have acquired Yammer, a social networking suite, perhaps they can finally give Office the wings it needs.

    Collaborative software is not new, but it has been taken to a new level. I think what ‘social networking’ brings that is new is instant mobile connectivity and real-time collaboration. I most appreciated the tutorial for making me consider this subject.

    5. What about the tutorial could be improved? (Be specific.)
    The number one thing is that our school server, Ned, was so slow. I had to wait for over 15 minutes for both tutorials to load. Chrome worked faster than Firefox. Until Highline fixes these constant server issues, I would suggest that students host work elsewhere.

  4. By Docc Jc Howard on Jun 9, 2014 | Reply

    Yes, I was able to successfully complete the tutorial. I did face the challenge of not knowing where exactly to go throughout the tutorial for example, I wasn’t sure if the main tabs up top were links to other pages or apart of his tutorial until I clicked them. The tutorial was pretty much informing me on socializing the environment at work for better and communication and using Yammer as a tool to do so. I actually did find the tutorial useful as I sometimes work in that type of team environment and I see how translation is missed a lot of the time on group projects so I will probably incorporating this tool to fix that issue. What I liked most was that the information given was easy to understand and the example given was easy to follow. What could be fixed is the direction with in the tutorial like what each section is for because it seem as if everything was thrown on one page without clarification on where to scroll for the actual tutorial.

  5. By Ryan Harmon on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    Ryan, your social collaboration tutorial is simple and to the point. I liked the layout. However it seemed more like a tutorial on how to sign up for Yammer and use it at work.

    I would have liked more information about social collaboration in the workplace, and how learning these tools will benefit me. It would have been nice if you did the video yourself instead of simply stealing one from youtube. That was just lazy!

    I know how important Social collaboration can be because when I was at Microsoft’s TechEd Developer conference last year, everyone was clamoring over YAMMER. And I’m not just talking about microsofties, I’m talking tons of people, one of the biggest questions I got was if Windows Phone supports Yammer.

    It seems like this Social Collaboration thing is gonna be BIG! I just with you had included more details about the revolution in the workplace. I mean companies are starting to use tools like Yammer as the first point of contact, before email, text, and phone calls.

    I think this is mainly because of the tracking capabilities of Yammer, to keep everyone in the know, at the same time.

    Anyway, put some more effort into it next time ya schmuck!

  6. By Patrick Hougardy on Jun 11, 2014 | Reply

    1.I was able to complete the tutorial, at least the yammer part.
    2. I learned that businesses are trying to utilize social media to improve communications. it comes as a relief that they have stopped using dedicated social media sites to do that since workplace drama can get out of hand easier with unrestricted access to one anothers private lives.
    3. I found the tutorial helpful, I liked that there was such easy access to a few social collaboration sites that I could read into as well.
    4. Very clean looking webpage. The pacing of the tutorial feels quicker because I don’t have to transition from one page to another.
    5. It seems like one of the down sides to having everything on one page is that the Ned servers are slow in bringing up pictures, and I had to wait several minutes for the images to load. Not much you can do with that I suppose, maybe lower the resolution? They are not particularly large to begin with, so I don’t know how much that would help.

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