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August 1st, 2013 | by Jodie Le |

Margaret Moroz – WordPress Navigation

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  2. By jjwest on Aug 1, 2013 | Reply

    1) I was able to successfully complete the tutorial. I didn’t run into any challenges while navigating through the tutorial.
    2) I have taken the WordPress class at Highline, so I knew most of the information. The tutorial does an excellent job of laying out the basic tasks in an easy to understand fashion.
    3) The tutorial was very useful as a reference and reminder of the functions of WordPress. It was easy to follow and informative.
    4) The tutorial was designed very well. It was easy to understand. The author did an excellent job of using visual aides to illustrate the tasks being performed.
    5) It’s a small thing, but the menu items on the left side would collapse each time I clicked on one. I had to click the parent directory to go back to the next item.

  3. By wagner_ml on Aug 7, 2013 | Reply

    1. I was able to successfully complete the tutorial. One issue I had was that the navigation links kept collapsing after I clicked on them, so I had to reopen the folders each time I wanted to click the next link. Also, the YouTube video on the home page did not work.

    2. For me this tutorial was nothing new as I have created several WordPress sites before. The navigation tutorial would be beneficial for a first time user though.

    3. Again, as stated above, I am already very familiar with WordPress so the tutorial was not useful for me, but would be useful for a first time user.

    4. I like that the tutorial was very basic and ease to understand.

    5. The YouTube video on the home page did not work. The navigation links need to stay open, and a better screen capture tool needs to be used for the screen shots. The curled pages and ripped edges of the screen shots were distracting.

  4. By evansojwang on Aug 12, 2013 | Reply

    1)I was able to go through the tutorial without any issues. so far so good.

    2)What I learned from the tutorial was what I already knew. It was a refresher on wordpress and how to keep it up after someone developes your site for you. It shows how easy it is to navigate and maintain your site.

    3) It was not useful to me but I bet will be to someone who has never used the platform. I currently use it and have taken a class on it.

    4) It was easy to understand and it was not too wordy or to complicated, so i know this can help a brand new person get a step ahead.

    5) he video on the page did not work or I was unable to click it. the website was more of others content than owners.

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