Summer 2013 – Student Tutorials + Reviews

August 1st, 2013 | by Jodie Le |

Which Tutorial To Review:
You are to submit a review for the tutorial listed before your Tutorial and the one listed right after yours on the tutorial list above. For example: Shawn Calkins will review tutorials for Katelyn Bronsons & Jason Moore. Jason Moore will review tutorials for Shawn Calkins & Scott Lawrence.

Review Requirements:
By 11:00 pm on Sunday, August 11th, work through two tutorials and provide reviews for each by commenting on the blog page associated with each final project. Your comments should address the following questions:

  1. Were you able to successfully complete the tutorial? What issues or challenges did you face?
  2. Summarize what you learned from the tutorial.
  3. Did you find the tutorial useful and helpful? Why or why not?
  4. What did you like most about the tutorial? (Be specific.)
  5. What about the tutorial could be improved? (Be specific.)

Reviews Grading Scale (2 reviews for up to 5 pts each => 10 pts max)
Extra Credit Option: 4 additional complete reviews for up to 2 pts each => 8 pts max

  • 1 point for on time submission
  • 2 points for being clear, detailed, and careful with grammar
  • Addressing Listed Questions:
    • 2 points for addressing all five questions
    • 1 point for addressing 3-4 questions
    • 0 points for address 0-2 of the questions

Log Into:
Use the same username and password you use for Ned and Angel. Should you have issues e-mail me on Angel and let me know.

Quick Note
Comments are being moderated by me so don’t expect your comment to appear immediately upon submission as the blog gets a lot of spam so I moderate to keep only valid student comments showing.

Please e-mail me directly through Angel.

Thanks class!
– Jodie

Final Project Links
Dave Rehm – Autostereoscopy
Corey Richards – A Quick Game Maker Tutorial
Simon Yang – Komodo Edit
Cecilia Olsen – Firebug
Jeffrey West – How to Monetize Your Website w/Amazon Associates
Evans Ojwang – What is droplr and how do you use it?
Margaret Moroz – WordPress Navigation
Morgan Wagner – Google Analytics
Nick Mallis – Nick Teaches You Twitter Bootstrap
Gordon Winch – JQuery

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