Nick Teaches You Twitter Bootstrap

August 1st, 2013 | by Jodie Le |

Nick Mallis – Nick Teaches You Twitter Bootstrap

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  2. By gordon_bw on Aug 4, 2013 | Reply

    I was immediately impressed with Nick’s tutorial on Twitter Bootstrap. I was able to complete the tutorial, although the practice section left me stalled since I hadn’t retained any of the Bootstrap particulars and had nothing did manage to score 80 on his quiz though. 😉
    What I learned was that apparently Twitter offers additional tags, enabling special Twitter options to the Web page. I already knew about the 12 column grid system Twitter uses.
    I found the tutorial useful as an introduction to some of Twitter’s features and basic concepts. While I was impressed with the presentation, it did little to help me understand how to set Twitter up, assemble a Website using Twitter, or understand how Twitter is understood across platforms and browsers.
    What I liked most about Nick’s tutorial was the Web presentation. He had some actual implementation of Twitter features included in the presentation, such as the “abbr” tag. His attempt to include a Practice section was a great idea, and I appreciate the incorporation of the Quiz at the end.
    As far as improvement, (appreciating that time was short and Nick is not a professional Twitter user), I would have liked to have seen more information on how one implements Twitter into their Web design. Do we include a link to a library? How does a browser know how to interpret the additional tags? Where do I go for more information on Twitter and a full tutorial on its use? What was all that stuff about nested columns and how is it that the first row 8-column display is the same length as the second row with two 6-column call outs? My basic math suggests that 6+6=12, not 8.

  3. By wagner_ml on Aug 7, 2013 | Reply

    1. Yes, I was able to successfully complete the tutorial with no issues.

    2. I learned general, basic functions of Bootstrap, but my Bootstrap knowledge was very minimal before the tutorial so I did learn some new things.

    3. Yes, I found the tutorial useful. I think it gave a good introduction to Bootstrap for users who are unfamiliar with what it is and what it can do.

    4. I like that Nick added examples of each of the points he discussed. I also like that he had a built in practice area and a quiz at the end. The Kool-Aid guy graphic at the end of the quiz was pretty awesome too!

    5. It would have been helpful to have more flow to the layout of the tutorial. Maybe break it up onto several pages like slides or into grouped sections. The running list format just became a bit too much. Overall, he did a great job though!

  4. By avatarofbro on Aug 11, 2013 | Reply

    1. I completed it, but could have done a little bit better. HTML’s always been kind of a rough spot for me.

    2. I learned that Bootstrap’s definitely a lot easier to deal with than traditional methods of coding, along with mobile device support. That’s especially important since there are literally billions of web-enabled smartphones that like to go on the internet.

    3. After seeing this tutorial, Nick’s feedback on my assignment made a whole lot more sense. Simply put, it made mine look like hot garbage. (‘least I admit it) There were steps explained in easy to understand terms, along with actual coding results right in front of you. Pretty much the textbook definition of tutorial… and there’s a quiz at the end! Very amazing job on this.

    4. I like that Nick did the immense amount of work involved in this. It actually looked like something professionally done, which while that’s pretty expected while you’re dealing with creation tools, it’s still very nice to see it.

    5. I’m not sure there was much “wrong” with this tutorial, but the only thing I would have maybe kept in mind is that there are people out there that literally have no clue in hell how HTML works, in case this would ever be something that saw the eyes of people that aren’t students. That’s literally it, this was fantastic.

  5. By coreyare on Aug 11, 2013 | Reply

    1. The tutorial went well with no problems.

    2. I was able to learn some of the programming methods of bootstrap, i only had researched what it was so I had no idea how to use it, and look! I do now!

    3. Its great for folks whom don’t know how to use it and want to learn the basics of what it does.

    4. The diagrams of how to use a particular feature were a great visual aid for new users such as myself, minimizing confusion.

    5. Although this isn’t an issue for me, some pages were quite lengthy, and I feel they could have been divided up into smaller sections so there is not having to go up and down several pages to say learn a particular set of instructions.

  6. By sy357 on Aug 12, 2013 | Reply

    1. Were you able to successfully complete the tutorial? What issues or challenges did you face?
    I was able to complete the tutorial and the challenges I’ve faced with completing the tutorial, is fully understands how twitter bootstrap works.
    2. Summarize what you learned from the tutorial.
    What I’ve learned so far from the tutorial is the convenience of using twitter bootstrap when building a web site. It is very compact and makes everything much easier. There was a grid system presented in the tutorial that I find quite difficult to understand, but it’s okay because I want to know more about Twitter Bootstrap anyways.
    3. Did you find the tutorial useful and helpful? Why or why not?
    The tutorial was use and helpful because of the precise instructions and examples that were given.
    4. What did you like most about the tutorial? (Be specific.)
    What I like most about the tutorial is the practice page which directs me to a different page to practice what I’ve learned from the tutorial. The practice page is definitely my favorite part of the tutorial.
    5. What about the tutorial could be improved? (Be specific.)
    I am quite unsure about this area. The tutorial seems to be flawless in my opinion because this tutorial has multiple links, very descriptive when it comes to instructions, cited reference and etc. Great job!

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