Getting Started with WordPress

May 29th, 2013 | by Jodie Le |

Christine Vu – Getting Started with WordPress

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  2. By eclipsed on Jun 1, 2013 | Reply

    1.I am able to finish the tutorial.
    2.The tutorial shows using x10hosting to install WordPress
    3.I have taken WordPress class; everything is familiar
    4.I find out about x10hosting;I have used 000webhosting
    5.I would have liked the to see more; how to create Child Themes or change header images. Some functionality beyond installing WordPress. For first time WordPress user, it would be a helpful tutorial

  3. By maureenbailey on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    1. I was able to finish this tutorial
    2.Summary-Signup for free x10 hosting account an domain and install WP on the site
    3. This would be useful for a beginner.
    4. I now have a hosted site with WP installed. I have taken the WP class at Highline, but we did a manual install. I now know the easy way to do it too!
    5. x10 initially failed to send me the “code” to get started with hosting, so I had to switch to another registration email (not the fault of tutorial author)
    Also, after clicking “Access cPanel” there was a little additional navigation required to get to the cPanel.
    As this is called “Getting started with WordPress”, I would have expected a little more
    introduction to setting up a site AFTER WP install.

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